Smiths Medical® – Graseby™ C9 Syringe Pump


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Graseby™ C9 Syringe Pump

The Graseby™ C9 syringe pump provides safe, reliable and easy to use infusions for a range of clinical therapy areas. Graseby™ pumps have been used by clinicians for nearly 40 years in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Operating Rooms (OR) and general wards.

Graseby™ C9 syringe pump has a flat and compact design, which is stackable. The pump has a wide syringe size compatibility including 5mL and 10mL, which are critical for the NICU. The pump delivers medication as a continuous infusion at rate between 0.1 mL/h to 1500 mL/h. Graseby™ C9 syringe pump offers different infusion modes to satisfy different clinical needs, which include Rate Mode, Time Mode, Weight Mode and Multi-rate Mode. The pump also provides adjustable alarm volume and selectable alarm tone, as well as selectable sleep/night mode for use in different environment. A drug list is provided by the pump, with up to 500 drug names selectable and editable by the users.


High infusion accuracy of ±1.8% ensuring reliable and precise delivery
Internal battery capacity of 8 hours operating time at 5 mL/h

Dynamic pressure display to monitor pressure in real time
Anti-bolus system reduces the potential bolus volume upon release of an occlusion
Wide range of alarms promotes clinician awareness and prompts intervention where necessary
Keypad lock in case of unintended operation
Easy to use

Syringe auto brand recognition saves nursing time for infusion setup
Wide range of pre-calibrated syringe brands
Supports self-calibration for syringes at the bedside
4-step quick start function: power on, load the syringe, set flow rate, start infusion
Allows altering infusion parameters while infusion is on-going
Drug names selectable and editable by the users