Micrel® – MP Daily+


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MP Daily+

The MP Daily+ is a simple and reliable system that provides infusion therapy for a wide range of applications. It is truly ambulatory with a robust design, trouble-free set up and accurate delivery in mm/24hr. A clear informative display giving easy alarm identification. The pump is driven by a dual micro-processor that safeguards smooth operation in any drug delivery applications.

The key features of MP Daily+ include:

MP Daily+ accommodates any brand and size of syringes from 10 to 50ml and is programmable in mm/24h
The ultra low battery consumption makes the MP Daily+ ideal for both homecare and hospital treatments
Empties completely 20ml syringes
High precision flow rates (1 mm/24hr increment) with prevention of inaccurate infusion delivery
Event history log to store and review pump activities
Adjustable occlusion settings to match specific drug therapies
Anti-tampering features including keypad lock and fixed rate options
Lightweight (220g with batteries)
Long battery life
Configurable options to customize functions and eliminate rate setting errors (flow rate limits)
Therapy Applications

Chronic Pain and palliative care therapies
Accessories and disposables

The MP Daily+ comes in a complete package with a comfortable transport bag for ambulatory use, operating instructions and a set of batteries.

A lockable transport bag is also available to prevent syringe access from the patient.

The MP Daily+ system can be accompanied on demand by a wide range of therapy specific administration sets.