Infinium® – The ATS Trinity Imaging Table Intuitive Motion


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The ATS Trinity Imaging Table
Intuitive Motion
Built to the foremost standard of quality, with intuition and stability in mind. The ATS Trinity® imaging table exceeds the standards in patient positioning. The ATS surgical table features a C-arm compatible carbon fiber table top with a 550 LB lift capacity. The ATS is equipped with a motorized 4 way floating top to maximize patient imaging access. Other movements include: Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt, and Up/Down elevation.

ATS Trinity Imaging Table

Patient Safety
The ATS imaging table is mobile on 4 anti-static castors. A floor lock system braces the table in place with unyielding stability. A battery backup system is a standard feature. The removable hand controller is ergonomic and outfitted with safety locks to avoid unintentional table movement. A return to level function is available as an option.

Ergonomic Remote Control

*Ergonomic Remote Control with Safety Lock

Carbon Fiber Floating Top

*Carbon Fiber Floating Top

The ATS Trinity features:
Carbon Fiber Top
Silent Electro-Hydraulic Movements
550 LB Lift/Weight Capacity
Electronic Control Safety Lock
Mobile Anti-static Castors with Floor Lock
Floating Top
Left and Right 15 Degree Lateral Lilt
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
Battery Backup
Accessory Rails
Optional Auto-Reset / Level Function